Injury Settlements For the Law Office of Alejandro G. Becerra

The Law Office of Alejandro G. Becerra seeks to obtain maximum compensation for our injured clients. We have dedicated out practice to standing up for the rights of injured persons against large corporations and insurance companies. The list below is a sample of some of our settlements and verdicts we obtained for our clients. Some cases proceed to the trial level, but in other cases, we are able to negotiate a settlement on our clients’ behalf without the need for a lengthy trial. Please note that every case and every settlement is different, and that these samples are not intended to guarantee a certain amount for your case.

Recent Results

$8,100,000      Motorcycle v. Trucking Company & Public Entity.
$6,000,000      Medical Malpractice.
$5,150,000      Wrongful Death by Electrocution v. Confidential Defendant.
$4,250,000      Auto v. Auto driven by Public Entity Employee.
$   750,000      Auto v. Auto.
$   625,000      Commercial Oven Explosion v. Private Company.
$   500,000      Auto v. Pedestrian.  Policy Limits.
$   290,000      Disputed Dog Bite. 
$   272,000      Auto v. Moped.  Verdict.  $75,000 Post verdict motion.
$   170,000      Auto v. Auto.  Arbitration. Under-Insured.
$   100,000      Auto v. Auto.  Policy Limits.
$   100,000      Auto v. Auto.  Policy Limits.
$   100,000      Auto v. Motorcycle.  Policy Limits.