Dog Attacks & Bites

Thousands of innocent people are seriously injured or even killed by dogs every year in California. Most of these dog bite victims are children who may suffer a variety of injuries as a result of a dog attack. The most common dog bite injuries include: disfigurement, amputation, permanent scarring, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, infection and psychological trauma.

Dog bites not only can cause physical harm such as lacerations, puncture wounds and possible infections, they may also cause long term or permanent psychological damage, especially to children to have been attacked. Personalities can be affected to the point of changing a child’s personality. These are horrible losses.

California Civil Code 3342, known as “the Dog Bite Statute,” puts strict liabilities on dog owners. The law holds the dog owner responsible if the pet bites another person, whether or not the owner had previous knowledge of the dog’s vicious tendencies.

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