Injured by Others? We fight for you!

We fight for you.  Who do we typically fight against?   The answer: insurance companies.  Insurance companies make money by not paying what is fair for the damages caused by their insureds. 

The fight insurance companies put up is systematic, cold and calculated.  They train their agents to dehumanize injured individuals.  Some of you reading this may have experienced this yourselves dealing with an insurance adjuster for a personal injury claim.  You will hear things like "it has been two weeks, you should have recovered... you had physical therapy for one month you should have recovered...etc.  Insurance adjusters are guided by a computer program to put a dollar value to your injuries.  The "value" is always low.  That is one way insurance companies make their money.  They think that one size fits all.  That is not true.  That is one reason why we fight for you.

On serious injury cases, insurance companies fight the hardest.  They know that if they go to court on your case, that the law tends to favor the insurance company.  Why? Because jurors are not supposed to know that the person that caused your injuries has insurance.  This is to avoid "sympathy" and "bias." However, as human beings, we naturally have "sympathy" for others.  An insurance company, a corporate entity, has the benefit of humanizing itself by parading their insured client in front of a jury.  After all, the law requires that the Plaintiff, the injured party, name the Defendant, the individual that caused the harm, as the person being sued.  The law does not allow for insurance companies to be named as defendants in this context.  Ironically, the typical insurance defense strategy is to dehumanize the injured party by hiring "experts" (which they hire again and again) to testify (the same thing they testify for over and over) that the injured person is lying, exaggerating and the pain felt by the injured person was caused by something else other than the incident at issue (examples: old age, degeneration, weight, bad posture, congenital condition, etc.).  That is why having an experienced trial lawyer at your side matters.  Jurors want to hear the truth.  Our job is to give it them. 

Do not take on an insurance company by yourself.  You are not alone.  Give us a call.  We are ready to represent you. Call today: (626) 403-5011.